Niall Trask is an Anglo-American from Suffolk, currently living in one of the gentrified areas of South London. He has worked with EVERY really cool & trendy client you can think of, like Yazoo Milkshake, Dairylea Dunkers, Cheesestrings, Peacocks & Daddies Ketchup. He does EVERYTHING – websites, PR, SEO, graphic design, print, advertising, plumbing & motion pictures, but he specialises in wedding videos. He uses cutting edge equipment like MOVIE CAMERAS & REAL macintosh computers. If you want a video made, contact him, because he does stuff for cheap out of desperation & owns several YouTube accounts, so he can 'like' the video through all of them to make it look more better & put your brand/band on the map.

If you want to contact Niall, then you can find him in the Ritzy Cinema Cafe in Brixton pretending to write screenplays in a Moleskin and making pretend phone calls to Film Producers on a broken Nokia.

Or you can find him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

He's also looking for an agent because his Grandma recently quit, if you feel like you would be a good agent, then send a photo of yourself to him, along with your shoe-size and favourite flavour of crisps.