Niall Trask is an Anglo-American from Suffolk, currently struggling to pay rent in South London. He has worked with EVERY really cool & trendy client you can think of, like Yazoo Milkshake, Dairylea Dunkers, Cheesestrings, Clarks & Daddies Ketchup. He also does EVERYTHING – websites, PR, SEO, graphic design, print, advertising, plumbing & motion pictures, but he specialises in wedding videos. He uses cutting edge equipment like MOVIE CAMERAS & real MACINTOSH computers. If you want a video made, contact him, because he is willing to do weird things for cheap, out of desperation & owns several Facebook accounts, so he can 'like' the video through all of them to make it look more gooder & put your brand/band on the map.

If you want to contact Niall, then you can find him in the Ritzy Cinema Cafe in Brixton pretending to write screenplays in a Moleskin and making pretend phone calls to Hollywood on a broken Nokia.

Or you can find him on Tinder, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. [Or at].

He's also looking for an agent because it would sound really impressive if he told people that they should speak to his agent. Do you think you have what it takes? You'll need a phone, a suit and special abilities. Send Niall a message if you're interested, until then he will continue to speak in third person.